Can someone please explain why Purebloods, such as Bellatrix and Sirius, had horrible teeth? Sure, they were in Azkaban, but does that mean they don’t have a ‘clean teeth spell’?
- Are you telling me there isn’t some way that Bellatrix wouldn’t have smuggled in a toothbrush or something in?!
- And are you telling me that she didn’t get her teeth magically fixed after she broke out of Azkaban? But she did all of this other shit?
- Draco Malfoy had the effing gall to tell Ron that his family was dirty when his dear Aunty Bella had her teeth rotting out of her mouth?

Pureblood status? Shut-the-front-door and brush your teeth, ya nasties.


One day last semester I was on the bus heading to class and I was like ‘fuck class started ten minutes ago I’m going to be late again.

And then I looked down and realized that my professor was in the seat in front of me editing his powerpoints for the class that we were both supposed to be in.